Thanks from The Gift Experience

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Pay Per Click is something that our company has always wanted to do successfully and we have tried at least three companies in the past without any success. These companies were unable to deliver even a small profit yet alone the profit level we required, they didn’t seem to want to understand our business which was obvious from the keywords that they used.

This put us off PPC as the only companies profiting were the PPC company and the Search Engine Company.

We had dealt with Romain and Kaizen through our affiliate programme and it was clear from the results that they could deliver results, so we decided to work with Kaizen and put all PPC under their control, the results have been « Amazing ». Since day one they have delivered the ROI that we wanted and every month the sales have increased, this has enabled the company to achieve its targets and meet its business plans.

We are now entering into another contract with them to manage PPC on another Web Site and we are confident that they will make this just as successful. Trevor Pervin Managing Director The Gift Experience Ltd.